Mama… Does This Sound Like You?

You always have it together. You’re always on top of things. People turn to you for advice, for guidance, and tell you that you’re an inspiration. You do “all the things” like reading up on the latest baby and child development articles. You have become a self-taught guru in all things baby sleep, nutrition, and how to raise an emotionally strong child. You’re always prepared. You have the snacks, the water, the books, the blanket, the toys, and the products that make life easier.

You make life easier for everyone else. But you don’t let anyone make life easier for you.

In fact, you help everyone else out so very much, that you are almost certainly always “last” to care for. If that care even gets around to you at all.

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Everyone depends on you. (Your baby, partner. clients, boss, co-workers and friends.) You’re the “glue” and now you’re a parent too.

On top of that, you feel immense pressure to be perfect. To balance your family’s budget and bring in the income. If you drop a ball, it’s over. And, the problem is, you’re dropping all of them.

Before baby, you were constantly working, just barely getting everything done. Now, it’s almost impossible and you’re constantly apologizing to everyone for missing your deadlines.


But, what if it didn’t have to be that way?



What if there was a way to balance everything?

And, what would it look like if you could get everything done and have some moments of pure joy and rest?

Can you actually get more done by doing less? My answer is a resounding YES. I help high-achieving new mothers navigate parenthood and their careers so that both come together harmoniously and with less effort. It sounds like the opposite of what might work, but I am telling you… it’s actually true.

Find out the secret to EFFORTLESS balance in motherhood and in your career with my Transition Coaching for Moms. As a gift to you, I offer a complimentary Discovery Session to see if coaching might help you transition from new motherhood into the “Mom Boss of the Year” without jeopardizing your health along the way.